CSOS Certificate Export Instructions
For Firefox

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These instructions may vary slightly from computer to computer.

1. At the top of your Firefox Browser, select Tools and then Options.

2. In the options menu, verify that Advanced is selected in the top Panel.

3. Click View Certificates tab.

4. Click Your Certificates tab.

5. Any CSOS Certificates will appear in the U.S. Government category (click the + to expand if necessary).

6. Select a Certificate and click the Backup button.

7. Select the location to save your Certificate:

8. Enter a file name: 9. Verify that the Save as type is set to "PKCS12 Files" and click Save.

10. Enter the master password that was set during Certificate activation.
11. Enter a Certificate backup password twice and Click OK.
12. A prompt should indicate that the backup was successful. Click OK.

13. If you do not plan to use the Certificate on the current computer, please select the Certificate and click Delete (after you have successfully installed it on another computer). 14. Either repeat these procedures to export any additional certificates or click OK on both screen to return to Firefox.

Repeat these steps if you have another certificate to export.