CSOS Certificate Import Instruction
For Internet Explorer Version 6 and up

Print these instructions
These instructions may vary slightly from computer to computer.

1. Browse to the location of the Certificate and double click on it.

2. Click Next at the Certificate Import Wizard.

3. (If necessary) If the correct certificate file name is not present, click Browse and locate the certificate. Click Next.

4. Enter the password for the certificate. This is the password entered by the Certificate owner during Certificate creation. If no password was set, leave the password field blank. 5. Verify that “Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate” is selected and click Next.

6. At the Completing the Certificate Import Wizard screen, click Finish.

7. At the Importing a new private exchange key screen, select Set Security Level.

8. Select “High” and click Next.

9. Enter the name of the certificate owner in the Password for field. This field may be grayed out, which is OK.

10. Enter a password and confirm it. 11. Back at the An application is creating a Protected item screen, click OK.

12. At The import was successful prompt click OK.

Repeat these steps if you have another certificate to import.