CSOS Enrollment - Coordinator Description

Who is a Coordinator?

The Coordinator may be any individual approved by the associated DEA Registration's Registrant. The Registrant is the individual who signed, or is authorized to sign, the latest application for DEA Registration renewal. The Registrant, whose enrollment in CSOS is not required, may:

Does the Coordinator need to enroll?

A Principal Coordinator, or Registrant serving the role of Principal Coordinator, must enroll for any DEA Registration that is to participate in the CSOS Program (i.e. requesting the ability to perform electronic orders for controlled substances).

Does the Coordinator sign controlled substance orders?

A Coordinator may request CSOS Signing Certificates on his/her form DEA-252 if he/she holds valid Power of Attorney for signing controlled substance orders.

A Coordinator may serve an administrative role only if he/she does not sign controlled substance orders. As an administrator, any individual employed by the Registrant's organization and authorized by the Registrant may serve the role of Coordinator.

Typically, what types of individuals would be a Coordinator?

The role of Coordinator varies by organization, and type of organization:

The sample roles listed above are intended as examples only. The Coordinator for your organization may differ from this list.