CSOS Enrollment - Registrant Description

Who is a Registrant?

The Registrant is the individual who signed, or is authorized to sign, the latest application for DEA Registration renewal. This is typically the same person authorized to grant Power of Attorney to other individuals employed by the organization.

Does the Registrant need to enroll?

A Registrant is not required to enroll in CSOS. Other individuals from the Registrant's organization may enroll in CSOS as long as a Coordinator has been delegated by the Registrant and has enrolled in the CSOS program.

A Registrant should enroll if he/she signs controlled substance orders. Otherwise a Coordinator should enroll after being authorized (on form DEA-252) by the Registrant.

Typically, what types of individuals would be a Registrant?

The role of Registrant varies by organization, and type of organization:

The sample roles listed above are intended as examples only. The Registrant for your organization may differ from this list.