CSOS Certificate Retrieval Instructions
Internet Explorer Version 6 and up

Print these instructions

1. Pair up your activation notices:

2. Access DEA's CSOS Certificate Retrieval Web page:

3. Carefully review the policy agreement and click I Accept to continue.

4. Accept BOTH of the DEA's CA Certificates.

Question mark logoWhy do I need to accept the CA Certificates?

5. Once all both of DEA's Certificates have been accepted, click the Click to continue after installing all DEA CA Certificates button on the bottom of the page.

6. (Step 1) Verify that your Certificate activation notices (postal mail and E-mail) have been paired correctly, and that the postal mailed notice has not expired.

7. (Step 2) Click the Retrieve a CSOS Certificate button.

8. Log into the secure portion of the CSOS Certificate Retrieval Web site:

9. (Step 3a and 3b) Enter the Access Code and Access Code Password for a Certificate.

10. Click the Submit Request button.

11. Click the Yes button at the Potential Scripting Violation screen where you are asked Do you want to request a Certificate now?

12. Click Set Security Level at the Creating a new RSA exchange key screen.

13. Select High and click the Next button.

14. Create a new password of your choice to protect the digital Certificate and your identity.

15. Click the Finish button after entering the same new password in the Password and Confirm fields.

16. The screen will now say Security level set to High. Click the OK button.

17. Click the Yes button if you are prompted by a Potential Scripting Violation asking Do you want this program to add the Certificates now?

18. If the Certificate was successfully retrieved, you will be brought to a Web page stating Successful CSOS Certificate Creation.

question markWhy did I receive an error?
question markHow do I verify that my Certificate is on my computer?
question markDo I need to print my Certificate?
question markWhat should I do now that I have my Certificate(s)?