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CSOS Certificate Management
Renewal due to name change

Requirement for CSOS Registrant and CSOS Principal/Alternate Coordinators

The following information must be submitted to the RA before a new certificate with the new name can be issued:

1) A name change revocation/renewal request via a digitally signed e-mail from the Registrant

a. Include the following information in your revocation request e-mail:

  • Type of Revocation Request: All certificates issued to an individual.
  • Revocation Reason: Change of subscriber information.
  • Certificate Numbers: Provide a list of all certificate numbers to be revoked.

b. The e-mail must be signed with a CSOS issued certificate.

c. Send e-mail revocation requests to:

2) A copy of the legal document (marriage license, court order, etc.) along with an affidavit containing the following information:

a. CSOS account number
b. New name
c. Former name
d. Phone number
e. E-mail address

The affidavit and the legal document can be submitted via postal mail, facsimile, or scanned and sent as attachments to the signed e-mail to the RA. The request will not be processed until proper documentation is received.

Requirement for CSOS POAs

All name change renewal requests of POA subscribers must go through their CSOS Principal or Alternate Coordinator who must collect, verify, and maintain the POA’s legal document(s). The coordinator then submits the request (via a signed e-mail) to the CSOS RA on behalf of the POA; no additional documentation is required. The Coordinator may submit both the revocation and renewal requests within the same e-mail to eliminate the need for the POA to submit the revocation request.

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