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CSOS Certificate Management

Certificate Expiration

CSOS Certificates have a validity period including an expiration date, which will vary depending on the type of certificate.

A CSOS Signing Certificate, used for electronic orders of controlled substances, is associated with a DEA Registration. The certificate is set to expire when the current DEA Registration expires (based on the Registration's expiration date at the time of certificate issuance).

A CSOS Administrative Certificate, used for communication purposes and issued to CSOS Coordinators, is not associated with a DEA Registration number. Administrative certificates are valid for three (3) years from the date of issuance.


The Principal Coordinator for the DEA Registration number and the subscriber (certificate owner) are notified of Certificate expiration via E-mail 45 days prior to the expiration date. The subscriber's E-mail is simply a notification. The Coordinator's E-mail will contain text file attachments indicating the certificates that will be expiring.

Please contact E-Commerce Support if this E-mail has been deleted or not received.

Renewal Method

Certificates may be renewed electronically by a Coordinator up to two times. After two electronic renewals, the applicant must submit a new application package (i.e. initial enrollment).

Note: Certificate revocations requiring renewal count towards the two electronic renewal allowance.

Electronic Renewal Procedures

The E-mail sent to the Principal Coordinator contains instructions in addition to a text file attachment containing the certificates requiring renewal.

1. The text file sent to the coordinator is reviewed, and any certificates that are not to be renewed should be removed from the file.

2. The Coordinator must send an E-mail to DEA (E-mail address listed in the E-mailed instructions)

3. The text file containing certificates to be renewed is attached to the E-mail

4. The E-mail is digitally signed with the Coordinator's certificate

Note: Many Web-based E-mail providers (i.e. AOL, GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) do not have digital signature capabilities. Renewal E-mails may be sent without a digital signature. E-Commerce support will authenticate all renewal requests by phone if the E-mail is not digitally signed.

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