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About Electronic Ordering

Electronic controlled substance orders are placed using a software program that has been approved for CSOS. Typically, this software is available through a wholesaler and may be implemented into their ordering Web site. This software includes functionality to digitally sign the purchase order using the purchaser's CSOS digital certificate issued by DEA. A CSOS Certificate may be installed into multiple software programs and may also be transferred to multiple ordering computers.

Ordering overview diagram

1. An individual enrolls with DEA and, once approved, is issued a personal CSOS Certificate.

2. The purchaser creates an electronic 222 order using an approved ordering software. The order is digitally signed using the purchaser's personal CSOS Certificate and then transmitted to the suppliers. The paper 222 is not required for electronic ordering.

3. The supplier receives the purchase order and verifies that the purchaser's certificate is valid with DEA. Additionally, the supplier validates the electronic order information just like it would a paper order.

4. The supplier completes the order and ships to the purchaser. Any communications regarding the order are sent electronically.

5. The order is reported by the supplier to DEA within two business days, .

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