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CSOS Certificate Management
Transfer Instructions

A CSOS Certificate may only be activated once but may be transferred to and installed on any number of computers where CSOS orders are to be placed.

Typical reasons for transferring certificate include:

  • Moving a signing certificate from the computer it was activated on to a computer used for ordering
  • Copying a certificate from one computer used for ordering to another ordering computer
    • Orders are placed with multiple computers in the same store
    • Orders are placed with multiple wholesalers, each from a different computer

How to transfer certificates:

Important policy note: Certificates are only to be exported by the certificate owner. Assisting the owner without acquiring knowledge of the owner's password is acceptable.

1. Determine a method for transfer:

  • USB drive
  • CD/DVD - if the originating computer has a CD or DVD burner
  • E-mail - only if the certificate is password protected, delete E-mail once finished
  • Network drive - if the computers share a network with common file storage

  • Note: The certificate must be permanently removed from the transfer device or the transfer device must be kept in a secure location such as a safe. Please contact E-Commerce Support if you have security questions/concerns about your certificate

2. Locate the certificate on the computer it was activated (retrieved/downloaded) on. Steps for locating the certificate are in the following instructions.

3. Export/backup the certificate using the following instructions.

4. Install the certificate on another computer