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Wholesaler customer support:

The security of the CSOS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) relies on the proper management of each CSOS Subscriber's certificate. DEA E-Commerce Support Team has developed this Certificate Support Guide to assist wholesalers in effectively supporting their customers and maintaining the security of subscriber's certificates.

  • Please contact Support for the latest Certificate Support Guide
  • Contents:
    • Retrieval instructions - how to save time by correctly setting passwords and complying with policy
    • Export instructions - how to export certificates without compromising the private key
    • Password setting - how to add or change a private key password for a certificate
    • Troubleshooting - resolve issues faster by becoming familiar with certificate retrieval and management problems
    • Multiple platform support - become familiar with all client browsers by reviewing documentation for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape
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The DEA Diversion E-Commerce Support Team is available to assist wholesalers and CSOS subscribers.

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